Creative Crusade is a 2.5D platformer game with a built-in level editor.

It was developed for my Third Year Project at Teesside University, and was released to public beta on Itch on April 26, 2018.

Click the game logo above to download the prototype build, or click here to see the development blog.


Baptism by Fire was my first foray into UI design. I designed and implemented the visual and technical functionality of a traditional MMORPG user interface, a personal favourite genre.


This was developed as a deliverable prototype for the User Interface Design module at Teesside University.

Click the game logo above to download the prototype build.


'Trine 3: The Corrupted Artifact' was a DLC concept produced as part of the Journeyman module at Teesside University.

A group of 20 students developed a playable prototype and used this to produce a vertical slice.

As a Technical Designer, I worked on implementing the mechanics of the game and assisting other designers throughout development when they needed help.


Little Red is a third person, 3D platformer game with beat-em-up elements designed in my first year of university as part of an in-course assessment.

I created this prototype in Unreal® Engine 4 as a submission for another in-course assessment, during my second year.

Click the logo to download the demo!

Blob Bulleteer is a top-down, 2D twin-stick shooter developed as an in-course assessment for the 'Casual Game Development' module in my second year.

The game was developed in a small team, 'Team 12' (stylised 'Team XII') that consisted of myself and three other game designers.

A prototype of the game is online and available for download - just click the BLOB BULLETEER logo above.